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    Who is Maddy Belle?

    American YouTuber, social media star, model and entrepreneur Maddy Belle was born in California, USA on January 7, 1994, so Capricorn is her zodiac sign. She is best known for her presence on the internet, including her self-titled YouTube channel that she launched on November 4, 2017, to which nearly 7,000 people are subscribed today; Maddy has only uploaded eight videos to the video-sharing service, and all these videos have been viewed almost 600,000 times combined, and in most of them she shows off her attractive body.

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    Education and early life

    Maddy grew up in Ohio, where she moved with her family when she was a toddler; she has not spoken publicly about her mother and father as she respects their privacy, but it is believed that they are both involved in the real estate business. Maddy has not spoken about having siblings, but some of her fans have claimed that she grew up with her brother.

    Maddy grew up admiring models, and she and her peers enjoyed reading different fashion magazines together. She attended Solon High School and was mainly interested in sports during her teenage years as she believed that being physically active and eating only healthy food would shape her figure and thus help her modeling career.

    Maddy signed up in 2012 and then signed her first modeling contract. She has not spoken about her further education, but there are those who claim that Maddy continued her education at a university in upstate New York and she graduated in 2016; this was not addressed by her.

    Most Popular YouTube Videos

    Maddy seems to be especially popular on the internet for the pictures and videos where she shows off her attractive body as her breasts and buttocks are the focus of almost all of her content, but netizens (citizens of the internet) also seem to like her because she is open to sharing the details of her daily life with them, and because of her lavish lifestyle. We are going to list Maddy’s three most popular videos, which have helped her expand her fan base.

    Her No. 1 video “Maddy Belle IG Live” has over 250,000 views as of July 31, 2018 and features Maddy during an Instagram live stream; the video may be inappropriate for younger audiences and YouTube therefore requires a login for those who wish to view it.

    Maddy’s second most popular video ‘Maddy Belle Instagram live. HUMP DAY in lingerie” has been viewed nearly 130,000 times as of May 30, 2019 and features Maddy trying on lingerie; the video was also flagged as “inappropriate for some users” by YouTube.

    Her #3 most viewed video “Maddy Belle IG Live”, has been viewed almost 90,000 times as of January 3, 2019 and is very similar to her #1 video as it is an Instagram live stream of her showing off her boobs and buttocks.

    Presence on social media networks

    Maddy is popular on various social media networks and has built quite a fanbase on TikTok as nearly five million people follow her today, while all her videos have accumulated over 36 million likes combined; she syncs and dances in almost all of these, showing off her attractive body at the same time.

    Maddy has an OnlyFans account, she has posted almost 400 photos and videos on it and it has been liked almost 550,000 times.

    More than 1.4 million people follow her on Instagram today, and she’s posted 130 photos and videos, all showing off her boobs and buttocks.

    I’m waiting for you xo

    Posted by Maddie Belle on Sunday, November 21, 2021

    Maddy joined Twitter in August 2015 and has since tweeted nearly 6,000 times, with the account being followed by more than 520,000 people today; she mostly uploads adult content, and Twitter prohibits people under 18 from viewing it.

    Maddy has been active on Facebook for over five years and is currently followed by nearly 250,000 people; her most recent update was on March 3, 2022 and since then she has been more focused on maintaining her Instagram and TikTok accounts.

    Love life and boyfriend

    There’s only one guy that Maddy has been with that her fans know about, and that’s her current boyfriend Jackson O’Doherty.

    Jackson is also a social media star and YouTuber, so he and Maddy have included each other in countless photos and videos uploaded to their social media accounts; Jackson’s is followed by more than 2.1 million people on Instagram, while more than 2.6 million are subscribed to his YouTube channel. In most of his videos, he takes on the most popular internet challenges, spends time with his favorite animals – kangaroos – and plays pranks on his friends.

    It is believed that Maddy and Jackson have been together for two years now, but this has not been confirmed as the two have not spoken about their first date.

    from Maddy In a relationship with Jackson O’Doherty has not been married as of March 2023 and has no children.

    Interesting facts and hobbies

    Maddy goes out shopping for clothes almost every day, and while many of her fans believe it’s because she’s a shopaholic, Maddy has revealed that it’s important that her TikTok videos and Instagram photos feature lots of different clothes to wear.

    She is a fan of tattoos and has two on her back.

    Maddy works out in the gym almost every day, while also going for a run every morning and eating only healthy.

    Her favorite season is summer, mainly because she likes to be close to the ocean.

    Maddy loves to travel and has recently been to several French and Italian cities, Paris being her favourite.

    Her favorite actresses are Marilyn Monroe and Scarlett Johansson, and some of her favorite movies are “Ladies of the Chorus”, “We’re Not Married!” and “Don’t bother knocking”.

    Height, eyes and wealth

    Maddy is 29 years old. She has brown eyes and red hair, is 1.58 m tall and weighs about 51 kg.

    Maddy’s assets Estimated at over $1 million, as of March 2023.


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