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Inside Mimi’s beautiful personal and professional life: her career, boyfriend and more

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beautiful mimic is a Vietnamese-American Instagram personality, Youtuber, reality star and nail technician. She is also an entrepreneur (with several salons) and an occasional musician. Mimi also identifies as a comedian. She was added to the VH1 reality series Love and Hip Hop Atlanta to bring an Asian theme to what had otherwise always been an all-African American show.

Mimi often said that during her time on the show she led a double life, a story she got from the show writers and her real one. Now a moderately successful businesswoman, Mimi often takes her fame as a TV personality to boost the face of her brand. Away from the days of her reality star fame, Mimi has nearly 2 million followers on Instagram; each of her posts has racked up over 100,000 views. She also has more than one and a half million subscribers on YouTube.

Over the years, Mimi has gotten quite a bit of attention from fans who blog about her and refer to her as that “ratting Asian girl,” although this is no insult. Even though Mimi is no longer on Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, she still lures her fans off the camera, especially with her social media. Find out what else is happening in Lovely Mimi’s life since her departure from Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, her professional pursuits, her failed marriage, her current boyfriend, her businesses and others.

Growing up beautiful Mimi had a difficult childhood

Mimi once admitted that she grew up with strict parents. However, she said she was also a rebellious child, especially when she was a teenager. Lovely’s parents were apparently old-fashioned and the nail technician says her parents didn’t understand her very well.

Mimi, who is of Vietnamese-American ethnicity, in conversation with AJCsaid her parents were poor too.

The nail art entrepreneur went on to reveal that her classmates were laughing at her. She also ran a lot and often got herself into trouble. In fact, Mimi ended up in group homes and juvenile detention centers several times. Because of all of the above, Mimi, a Taurus, admits that she never made it to high school or even high school.

Without education, the lifestyle of the young would find few jobs and careers. And one of them happened to be nail work.

Beautiful Mimi, Birth Name, Myha Luong was born on April 29, 1990 in Quang Ngai, Vietnam. However, Luong grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, but she also calls Washington DC her hometown.

Beautiful Mimi time on love and hip-hop Atlanta; She didn’t want to participate in the show

Mimi first appeared on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta in its sixth season, its fourth episode in 2017. When the production first announced Lovely Mimi, she was slated to be one of many recurring characters.

Vietnamese-American reality star from Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, Lovely Mimi.
Former Love And Hip Hop Atlanta star and a nail salon owner, Lovely Mimi. By Rodney Ho, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

At first, Mimi was hesitant to join Love and Hip Hop Atlanta because she was familiar with the dramas. In fact, it took her quite a while to decide if joining the show was the right choice for her.

During the show, Mimi became friends with the likes of Tommie Lee and Joseline Hernandez

Early in her stint with Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Mimi worked at Sierra’s Salon. However, she would leave the workplace after an argument with Sierra. Mimi would later befriend Tommie and Joseline.

While it’s currently unclear if Mimi is keeping in touch with her Love And Hip Hop cast member, it’s believed she’s still on good terms with Tommie and Joseline.

Myha Luong’s last time on the show would be the sixth season reunion special. Mimi made a total of ten episodes of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

Will she return to love and hip-hop Atlanta?

When Bossip asked in October 2019 if Mimi would ever consider returning to Love & Hip Hop, Luong replied with a firm no, but said she might be willing to reconsider if they pay her a lot of money.

Mimi Career as a nail technician

Before reality TV fame, Mimi was known for her nail expertise. She apparently got into the business after not doing so well with her academics. In fact, she now has over 10 years of experience as a certified nail technician. She used to have her own salon in her native Baltimore, Maryland.

Some nail works by Mimi
Some nail art from Instagram personality, Mimi.

After landing a contract on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Mimi moved to where the show is based. After moving to Atlanta, Lovely would buy a store on Old National Highway in College Park, Georgia. The dashing Vietnamese woman would go on to call the shop Ultraviolet Nail Lounge. It is also known as Luong’s Lovely Nails.

Her salon in Georgia has all-black staff. Mimi’s team specialize in techniques ranging from feather dusting to the bumpy diamond coated on Cardi B Esque nails.

She is also the owner of another business venture called Ultra Violet Hair Salon that her ex-husband apparently donated to her. She once said that her ultimate wish is to build her own brand and keep opening other nail salons, acting some more and throwing parties.

Mimi says her Instagram has helped her nail art a lot

Lovely Mimi has a good enough active Instagram handle. Mimi even says her Ig came in handy in expanding her reputation as a nail professional.

She says it helped her a lot after she bought a nail salon in Maryland, after which she went looking for hype. With that in mind, Mimi started making some videos on her Instagram and because of that, she also followed some local girls so that they would come to her salon. Some of Mimi’s videos about her nail work, such as “But Why Me,” gained remarkable appeal afterward. She says even celebrities like Da Brat and Snoop Dogg have shared her videos.

And that’s how she became famous on Instagram as a nail technician. She also had a previous Instagram account which, although it had more than 3 million followers, was deleted.

Who is Mimi’s beautiful current boyfriend?

Mimi now has a friend known on the internet as Mr. stretch. The ex-rebellious teenager went public with her current partner in February 2021. Mimi introduced him to her Instagram followers and wrote a caption that read

“Say hello to my friend…if you have something rude to say…I’ll block!”

The next update on the pair was that Mimi shared an Instagram post showing the pair dancing on TikTok; the former VH1 star and her boyfriend did the Corvette Corvette Challenge.

Ex-reality star, Lovely Mimi and her current boyfriend Mr.  Stretch during one of q and a videos in March 2022.
Nail artist, Lovely Mimi and her current partner, Mr. Stretch during a YouTube video session in March 2022. Youtube

On February 6, 2021, Mimi revealed via a YouTube Livestream that she was there for the first time already met her current partner in 2010. The owner of several salons and the tattooed man had also dated at the time, but only for about four months.

They turned out to be a couple already. This friend of Mimi worked at the post office at the time, but his shifts were at night. This was apparently one of the reasons why it didn’t work out for Mimi and Stretch at the time.

Beautiful Mimi has two children with her ex-husband, Remy Skinner

Mimi was previously married to Remy Skinner, who is also her ex-business partner and manager. While they were together, the ex-couple also had two children, Juice and Jay. Mimi was married to Remy the Boss in 2009, but the couple divorced in 2019. Some claim that Mimi’s ex-husband Remy also has two children of his own from his previous relationship. Although Skinner was together for ten years, he never appeared on Love Hip Hop. Mimi said in an interview that her ex-partner was a very quiet man.

The former Love And Hip Hop Atlanta couple, Remy Skinner and his ex-wife Lovely Mimi.
Beautiful Mimi with her children’s father and ex-husband, Remy Skinner. Source: Paras Griffin/Getty

Mimi and Remy have reportedly split after the former’s complaint that the father of her two children physically abused her, cheated on her and also stole money from her.

Remy was also arrested in September 2019 for an alleged role in drug trafficking. However, the ex-couple is co-parent of their two children. Mimi did not demand alimony from Remy.

How rich is Mimi; Her net worth and everything

While Mimi couldn’t make a great career out of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, like her protagonists Rasheeda, Joseline, Karlie, and others, the celebrity of Vietnamese descent, given her social media lifestyle, comes across as quite an affluent personality. To be fair, it’s likely that she didn’t need TV fame to cement her lot as a wealthy person in the first place.

Mimi was already quite a successful businesswoman on her own. Even now with her impressive fan base on her Instagram and YouTube, she has that advantage of always making money, no less than a pretty famous reality star. Considering all of the above possibilities, Mimi who is a millionaire could very well be the case with her net worth in all probability close to seven figures.

Beautiful Mimi Other Facts

  • Lovely Mimi also has an account on Only Fans where she charges some premium fees for her r-rated and nude photos. She has even been criticized in the wake of her many leaked nude photos.
  • Mimi once while making an Instagram video, slipped and said the N word which afterwards received a lot of criticism of the only-fans model on the internet. Nice though later apologized for her misfortune.
  • Mimi released a hip-hop song in September 2016 called We Don’t Care (feat. 5ive). Her other singles include: Never again and Slowly ft Kolten.
  • In June 2019, the police arrested Mimi on charges of possession of ecstasy. She was at a casino in North Carolina at the time.
  • Mimi also once appeared in another reality series of MTV’s Wild N Out.

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