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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Judges can be manipulated by Wikipedia articles, warns MIT study

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Litigants could abuse Wikipedia to influence legal decisions, according to new research.

An investigation led by Neil Thompson of MIT’s Computer Science and AI Laboratory (CSAIL) found that judges previously cited legal cases that included a Wikipedia article.

The finding has raised concerns that court decisions are shaped by unreliable information. Wikipedia’s openness can also lead to legal statements being manipulated.

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“A well-equipped litigant might encourage his legal team to anonymously integrate their own analysis of a relevant precedent into a Wikipedia article early on in a trial, hoping to catch the attention of the judge or his clerk later on, Thompson said. TNW.

The case against Wikipedia

Wikipedia is quoted more and more in legal science and court decisions.

Busy judges use the site to keep up with developments in case law, but the shortcut is dangerous.

Wikipedia recognizes that not everything on the site is accurate, complete, or unbiased.