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Monday, November 28, 2022

Kylie Jenner’s Flight Controversy Sends Warning To eVTOLs At Short Haul

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This week, the masses are in turmoil with the news that entrepreneur, fashionista and reality TV star Kylie Jenner is using her $70 million luxury private jet to take short-haul flights.

But short-range travel is far from an anomaly as we usher in an era of eVTOLs (electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft) for on-demand travel. And it remains, for the foreseeable future, the domain of the rich.

So, what’s the controversy with Jenner?

On one of her recent flights, she traveled in California between Camarillo and Van Nuys, a Flight of 17 minutes A flight follower reported this on Twitter.

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For context: the journey of about 40 miles could have taken about 45 minutes by car, and hours by busor four hours of cyclingdepending on the traffic.

Worse, she would have traveled 30 minutes by car in the opposite direction to take the flight.

And well, she’s been branded a ‘climate criminal’ by people who are angry that they wear a sweater instead of turning on the heating, walk or cycle instead of using the car, and always recycle their bottles.

But this doesn’t just mean an increase in the popularity of luxury airplanes (sales increased during the pandemic) but an eventual mainstreaming of private on-demand flights (and sometimes short-haul flights). And they’re not always that green.

Short-haul flights aren’t just for the ultra-wealthy

You can avoid the queue for Ubers at the airport if you are willing to be responsible for a lot of air pollution.

Cybersecurity guru Marcus Hutchins, known for end the spread of ransomware attack WannaCryrecently shared:

Uber helicopter operates between JFK International Airport and various locations in New York City. It’s bookable through the Uber app, which includes a ‘last mile’ trip to the helipad.

Blade short distances