Now sync your air travel with Uber via email integration in India

    Driving Major Uber on Thursday introduced a new feature where riders in India can choose to sync them air travel scheduling with the platform via email integration.

    The new feature helps riders pre-book their rides while assisting them with pre-populated dates and times in their Uber app that match their flight, saving them the hassle of booking a trip at the last minute.

    The new feature is opt-in and requires riders to sync their email IDs with their Uber app to access it, the company said in a statement.

    Among other things, new tools, Uber Reservation trips can be booked up to 90 days in advance.

    “This extension allows for better planning when it comes to booking a ride, including to the airport. This also gives driver partners the added benefit of being able to capture their revenue potential and better plan their time,” said the ride-hailer. greeting platform.

    To help riders make better use of their time in airports, the Uber app now includes turn-by-turn signage that guides riders from the gate to Uber pick-up areas.

    The feature is rolling out at 13 of the country’s busiest airports.

    In addition, passengers at selected airports will also see the estimated walking distance from their gate to the pick-up area, helping them plan their journey accurately.

    For drivers, the Uber driver app now shows the estimated wait time at the airport before drivers can expect a ride, the number of cars in line and the number of expected flight arrivals in the next hour, the company said.

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