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Update MacOS as insecurely as possible

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About once a year, something magical happens: Apple releases a new version of macOS. When this holy day rolls around, you have only one option and only one option: to make it as hard as possible for your computer.

Look, life is hard. Actually, life is more than hard, it’s brutal. Every day is a challenge more pressing than the last. So I ask you this…why should your computer have it so easy?

If I want to update mine life, it takes months, if not years, of hard work for some incremental change – but Apple thinks my computer should have an easy-to-install update on a regular basis? That’s not fair. That’s not fair at all. Humans are meant to be better than computers, not worse.

Join AS in Valencia!

The heart of technology comes to the heart of the Mediterranean

To test the playing field, we’re going to share a list of helpful tips and tricks to make sure your Apple machine is totally unprepared for updating to the latest macOS. Beware Ventura lovers, we come for you.

Fill that hard drive to the brim

A common thread running through macOS updates is that they need space. All that optimization and those new features will definitely take up a few gigabytes. So how do you handle this?

Easy: fill your hard drive to the brim.

Download every single photo from your cloud storage. Duplicate them. triplicate. QUADRUPLE. Grab your phone and record as much video as you can in the highest quality you can – and save it all to your Mac machine. Show that SSD (or HDD if you’re old school) who’s boss.

Hell, download as many big games as you can – just fill your hard drive like it’s a paddling pool on a hot day. Let’s see how the installation package tries to update to the new version of macOS without anything to work with. That will show.