Vampire Survivors: Tides of the Foscari is a fantasy-themed DLC launching in April for just $2

    Vampire survivors will get a second expansion, and like the previous one, it will cost $2. The new fantasy themed DLC, Tides of the Foscariincludes eight new characters, 13 weapons and a new stage, and will be released on April 13.

    Developer Poncle is already teasing characters like a mage and a swordsman, as well as weapons like a spellbook and a sword called “Eskizzibur”. Can’t wait to try out all the new additions – I’m sure they’ll all be incredibly broken in some delicious ways.

    The new level also looks very nice. As with the first expansion, Legacy of the Moonspell, it’s a very large map with many separate areas, including the mysterious Lake Foscari that takes up much of one corner. You can use the new map herebut I’m not going to enclose it in case you’d rather jump in pristine.

    Tides of the Foscari launches on day one on PC, Xbox, and mobile, though you’ll need the base game to play it. That costs $5; believe me, it’s worth it. (If you don’t trust me, then trust the many fans of the game on steam deck.)

    Poncle has also launched a new engine for PC and Steam Deck players in beta. If you want to try, follow the instructions here. That said, the game has been perfectly playable for me in my countless hours on Steam Deck, even if it’s limping due to the amount of on-screen absurdity, so you’re probably fine putting off the beta.

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