EuroMillions winning numbers LIVE: Have you won tonight's staggering £122m jackpot?

The first EuroMillions draw of the week will take place tonight

with a life-changing sum of money up for grabs.

Only one lucky winner can claim the multi-million-pound jackpot prize

If you didn't make the jackpot, you may still have one a generous sum if your ticket matches five numbers and one lucky star.

Prizes gradually get lower in value all the way down to a ticket which has correctly guessed two main draw numbers.

If nobody finds a winning ticket, the total jackpot will roll over to the next draw for the third time, making it a triple rollover in Friday's draw

Last Friday’s EuroMillions draw marked the 1,538th event

 offering a jackpot prize of more than £111 million.

 The enormous sum was added to tonight’s double rollover jackpot, contributing £11,761,000 to the prize pot.