Stephanie Martinez-Arndt joins the adventure as part of the team behind Pixar’s Lightyear

The first time Stephanie Martinez-Arndt saw Buzz Lightyear on the big screen, she didn't exactly have to go to infinity or beyond for the cosmic experience.

Growing up in a family of Disney and Pixar lovers, with Buzz and Woody toys all around the house, she'd seen the first two Toy Story films in her childhood home just off Red River in Austin.

She said, "Everyone was growing up, and it was the perfect way to see it, at a classic Austin theatre where we used to have our birthday parties."

Now she's part of the story of everyone's favorite space ranger as one of the behind-the-scenes crew on Lightyear.

The Austin native actually went into college undeclared, tried to transfer to the communications department.

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But, wait: What exactly does a production coordinator do? For Martinez-Arndt, it's where her second degree

for work." That meant shifting projects around, working to solve tech issues, and keeping an eye on deadlines for deliverables.

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