The Changing Trends Of Yoga In The Age Of Globalisation

We all are living in fast-paced industrialisation and globalisation age.

 Sitting in the comfort of the living room, social media accesses us to the best of both worlds, the east and the west.

Western domination talks about science, and the east boasts spirituality and philosophy.

And yoga today is the cross-over between these roads, the scientific west and the emotional-spiritual east.

Yoga is no more the sages practising yoga in the caves

the guru shishya parampara but also a good-looking fit yogini teaching hardcore yoga postures to agile yoga students.

Paloma Gangopadhyay, International yoga teacher and lifestyle coach shares changing yoga trends in the global era.

The modern yogic trends are many and far-reaching. In the Australian and Canadian sub-continent

What we know as traditional yoga are now ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, power

many modern yoga techniques which boast of weight loss, body toning, destress and detox.