The Duffer Brothers defend making the 'Stranger Things' season 4 finale over 2 hours long

The Duffer Brothers explained why the final episode of season four of "Stranger Things" runs so long.

The finale episode is two hours and 19 minutes long, the show's writers confirmed

Ross Duffer said that there "wasn't a good spot to break" the episode.

The Duffer Brothers explained the over two-hour runtime of the "Stranger Things" season four, part two finale

 with Ross Duffer telling Variety that "if someone wants to pause it, they can."

The "Stranger Things" showrunners spoke about the show's fourth season,

which is set to conclude with the release of its final two episodes on Friday on Netflix

The first part of the season, which premiered on May 27 with a seven-episode drop

Matt Duffer said. "Structurally we have this year, I think it was four major storylines.