Why Jayson Tatum Will Never Be Considered a Superstar

“The biggest mistake fans often make is confusing ‘star’ with ‘superstar’. There are very few superstars, the NFL has three – Brady, Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, THAT’S IT.

To be a ‘superstar’ you not only have to change the temperature of your team but you have to change the temperature of the LEAGUE that you’re in.

People start drafting players to stop Shaq. People start drafting and hiring coaches to stop Michael Jordan or Larry Bird. Jayson Tatum is a ‘star’, I don’t see ‘superstar’ ever.

If Khris Middleton doesn’t get hurt I think Milwaukee beats Boston; without Khris Middleton it took them seven. The next two games is the opportunity for Jayson Tatum to break through and overcome all these obstacles. 

That’s what made Jordan a superstar, not the points, it was that he had to get through Detroit, get through Magic, get through Bird, and he became ‘ours.’

However, intense heat in the United States in recent years have indicated a worsening natural calamities due to climate change and global warming.

I’d love to have Tatum on my team, but… Zach Lavine; good player, he doesn’t even change his own team.

In addition, the veterinarian also explained cattle can accumulate heat in their bodies which can lead to death; this occurs when there is a "perfect storm" of heat and the absence of nighttime cooling.