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Who is Suzanne Kay? Untold Truth About Diahann Carroll’s Daughter

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Suzanne Kay is an essayist, screenwriter, filmmaker and producer who people know better as the only daughter of the late actress Diahann Carroll† The daughter of an actress and a record producer, Suzanne has always seemed comfortable in the entertainment industry.

While Suzanne’s significance in the movie and TV sphere pales in comparison to her actress mother, Diahann, she’s had a few notable credits worth shedding a light on. For starters, she was an award-winning filmmaker who notably wrote and produced critically acclaimed films, Cape of Good Hope, and Heroamong others.

Learn more about her – including her personal life; her husband, her children, if she is now married, in addition to her relationship with her late mother, her ethnicity, her achievements, in money and otherwise, her social media presence and much more.

Suzanne Kay is from Santa Monica, California

Born in Santa Monica, Suzanne was born on September 9, 1960, which makes her 61 years old. Her birth name is Suzanne Patricia Ottilie Kay.

Though a definitive claim about her ethnicity is yet to come, people have nevertheless considered Suzanne to be a descendant of an African American mother. However, the arguments get better in terms of her father, Monte Kay’s ethnicity, with some arguing that he came from a Jewish line while the rest believe he could also be of African descent.

Her education

Kay, now 61, attended Columbia University, where she did her master’s degree in Journalism.

Does Suzanne Kay have any siblings?

Although Suzanne is Diahann’s only child, she almost had siblings like her mother, Caroll lost two babies to miscarriages when she was alive.

Suzanne Kay’s relationship with her late mother, Diahann Carroll

While alive, the Julia alum in 2019 revealed her relationship with her daughter, Suzanne, was not that great, mainly because of how absent she was from her daughter’s life.

Tony Award winner, Diahann Caroll with her and Monte Kay's daughter and producer and writer, Suzanne Kay.
Suzanne Kay with her late mother Diahann Carroll. Shutterstock

The Golden Globe winner died of breast cancer complications in early October 2019. Suzanne’s mother could have beaten the disease when she first discovered it in the early ’90s.

Kay’s father, Monte, who was a musician agent and record producer, died of heart failure in May 1988.

Suzanne worked for several news channels before becoming a filmmaker

Before her career as a writer and filmmaker, Suzanne Kay was first worked as an intern for PBS NewsHour mid 1970s. This was after she graduated from Columbia University.

After PBS, Kay went on to work as a news writer and producer at CNN in Atlanta. She would later also work as an arts and entertainment editor for Essence Magazine. Not long after, she landed the job of on-air co-anchor on ETV!’s first entertainment news program with co-hosts, Greg Kinnear and Julie Morgan.

Suzanne Kay, a Columbia University graduate and filmmaker, with her father Monte Kay.
Suzanne Kay with her father. Instagram of Suzanne

Next, the Dynasty actress’ daughter, Suzanne worked as a TV screenwriter in Hollywood for several FOX TV sitcoms. During this time, she also co-wrote the 2000 short film, Hero and started a production company, Wonder View Films.

After that, she would spend most of her future working as a freelance screenwriter. Meanwhile, Suzanne also worked as a writing consultant for Sankofa.org, a social justice subsidiary of Harry Belafonte.

She has also made a documentary about Ed Sullivan and his work in the fight against racial injustice and his motive for recognizing black artists. For this she collaborated with the TV producer Precht Speciale.

Suzanne also worked on a documentary about her late mother, Diahann Carroll. She also co-produced and co-wrote a feature film, Cape of Good Hope. The film later won several accolades, including a People’s Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival, National Board of Review, and an NCAAP Image Awards.

Suzanne according to her LinkedIn currently works as a producer and writer for Kaymont Entertainment. As a writer, some of her pieces have been featured in Huffington Post, the Southampton Review and BigCityLit.

Meanwhile, she also participates in speaking as the holder of the inheritance by being the daughter of men who were active in the civil rights movement.

Suzanne Kay shares two children with her ex-husband, Mark Bamford

Although Suzanne appears to be alone for the time being, in the past she was the wife of a fellow filmmaker, Mark Bamford, who is also a writer and producer. Bamford and Kay were married from 1996 to 2016.

Suzanne Kay with her ex-husband Mark Bamford
Writer and producer, Suzanne Kay with her ex-husband and director, Mark Bamford.

When they were together, they had two children, a son, August, and a daughter, Sydney. Judging by the appearance of Suzanne’s Instagram, her children appear to be in their early twenties.

While not much is clear about their early relationship, some editorials suggest that Mark and Suzanne meet in Los Angeles† They were also professional partners and co-wrote the aforementioned short film, Heroand made together Wonder View Movies

The collaboration of the former couple, Hero led them to cruise the world for its premieres and even festivals. The film also brought Suzanne’s ex-husband the Atom Films Director To Watch Award in 2001.

During these visits Suzanne and Mark also visited Cape Town, South Africa. Apparently, during their stay in the country, the ex-couple liked it there so much that they even thought about settling there with their children. And during their time in South Africa, they volunteered and wrote their first feature film, Cape of Good Hope, which, as noted above, garnered a handful of critical acclaim and critical praise.

Suzanne Kay Parents; Her mother cheated on her father with Sidney Poitier

Suzanne’s parents, Diahann Caroll and Monte Kay, were husband and wife from 1956 to 1963. They apparently married against Diahann’s parents’ consent, as they were against the law. masked saint actress and Monte’s union.

Monte, a casting director, was Diahann’s first husband. They met during the audition for the musical flower house† Diahann and Monte’s union fell apart after the former had an affair with the late Academy winner Sidney Poitier.

Dynasty actress and Suzanne's mother, Diahann Carroll with the late actor, Sidney Poitier.
Suzanne’s late mother, Diahann Carroll, with the late actor and Sneakers star, Sidney Poitier. Getty/Alamy

The Eve’s Bayou actress has confessed to having an affair with Poitier in her memoirs. Poitier was also married to someone else at the time with whom he shared two children. While Diahann eventually left Suzanne’s father for Poitier, Porgy and Bess actor did not terminate his marriage.

After this, Caroll decided to reconcile her relationship with Monte and they did for a while, also welcoming Suzanne. However, Diahann and Suzanne’s father would end their union, after which the former started dating another man, Freddie Glussman.

The relationship also failed, after which Suzanne’s mother, Caroll, married a journalist, Robert DeLeon. This marriage also ended after DeLeon’s death in a car accident. Suzanne’s actress/singer mother was to remarry; this time for a musician, Vic Damone. He would be her last husband.

Suzanne Instagram says she’s single

It’s clear that Suzanne loves sharing what she does from work with her fans on institutions like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

The late actress, Diahann Carroll's daughter, Suzanne, at center, during the Toronto Film Festival reception in LA in April 2022.
Writer and filmmaker Suzanne Kay at center during the Toronto Film Festival reception in LA in April 2022. Suzanne’s Instagram

And as for now, Suzanne, as mentioned before, gives the feeling of being very single a lot or so brings her Instagram where the daughter of the Oscar nominee comes across as enough up and running.

For the most part, she posts photos of herself having bashes with her friends and kids. In addition, she often commemorates her deceased father and mother; either they wish on the parents’ days or on their birthdays.

Nevertheless, she has to give even the minimal hints of what her marital facet looks like.

Did Suzanne Kay Inherit From Her Mother; What is her net worth?

Although Suzanne’s mother, Diahann Carroll had considerable net worth at the time of her death; about $20 million or so, whether Kay, if her only daughter, inherited her mother’s eight-figure fortune, is a mystery anyway.

Furthermore, even Suzanne’s social media image makes no mention of her as someone who breathes into the realm of extravagance. Nevertheless, it’s a safe bet to say that Diahann’s daughter, Suzanne, is still an above-average woman with net worth supposedly in the neighborhood of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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