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Monday, February 6, 2023

You can buy this flying car, but should you?

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The idea of ​​a car turning into an airplane in three minutes sounds like a dream. Imagine you are driving during rush hour. You’ll be notified of incoming traffic and shape-shift into a plane taking to the skies, overtaking commuter delays, toll bridges and construction delays – suck it, stalemate! But the reality of the flying car (also called air car) is a lot less spontaneous and a lot less flexible.

And I’m here to burst your bubble after the news of Samson Sky’s successful FAA inspection.

This week, after 14 years of design, R&D and fundraising, Samson Sky, makers of the Switchblade flying car, announced that after an inspection by an FAA agent, the vehicle had successfully completed high-speed taxi tests and is ready to fly. .

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In particular, the company repeated high-speed accelerations down the runway up to the take-off speed. It also:

“Also tested the brakes, with the vehicle being repeatedly brought to a stop at the end of each journey at a speed of up to 140 mph.”

Switchblade is the first flying car available to the American public — about 2,000 people have already pre-ordered the $170,000 vehicle.

Is it a plane? Is it a car?

Switchblade Exterior Flying Car