The augment and adoption of Artificial Intelligence in various sectors has changed many aspects of human existence.

Video editing is another avenue that has been deeply impacted and progressively influenced by technology. When it comes to running simple applications like video editing software, AI technology has begun to get involved in some situations and even tends to replace human intelligence.

The basic idea is that technology can make more accurate decisions than humans do. While this may seem daunting to those who rely on their job as a video editor, there are many ways in which human involvement is pivotal to the craft, which algorithms still can’t handle.

Let’s take some examples. Thanks to spatial imaging technology, humankind can now obtain images of the moon with unprecedented accuracy. Not to mention other areas of life like filmmaking, real estate video making, etc., which were traditionally covered by terribly outdated video formats, have now seen remarkable advancements.

Video making needs modernization to meet the needs and demands of growing organizations. New video technologies are making video content better and more exciting, and there seem to be no restrictions that prevent developers from inventing something new.

Transformation of Video Editing 

Technology-based and innovative video editing is a way to level the playing field in terms of the industry’s leading guns, beginners, and those who have never used video editing tools before.

It solves all your problems and promises to bring you immediate results without worrying about exporting or uploading your data to the web or finding music or other tools!

AI algorithms create the finest Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube videos today. Contemporary video editing tools help you provide better context to your target audience and rearrange the visual content for people who have a different culture or are new to the language you are using.

Benefits of Using Technology in Video Editing:

  1. Technology and using innovative AI-based aids while making and editing videos help determine the best angles, shoots, and edits.
  2. You don’t need special training to use these user-friendly technological tools; they help you use transitions and filters with ease.
  3. Video editing becomes much faster, accessible, and efficient with AI as it is quite effective in adjusting and organizing footage.
  4. The advanced AI-enhanced online video editor is easy to use and does most of the work automatically.
  5. AI can make your videos more enticing by suggesting changes and improving your visual experience with automated color correction and scene detection. AI helps in accelerated video processing, assists you in finding the best clips and templates, makes videos more attractive, and edits videos faster than humans.
  6. It also uses movie face recognition to help you create customized messages.

How did the Technological Revolution in Video Editing begin?

Professor Maneesh Agrawala, a computer graphics expert at Stanford University, announced an innovative video editing technology in 2021.

The technology, called 202, can make a video that represents a person saying things that they haven’t even said. It changes the pronunciation patterns of the person and can add/remove words, phrases, or sentences from video scripts. The application then assembles the facial expressions and articulations of a particular scenario by selecting the required parts from the rest of the footage.

When the process is complete, it is impossible to distinguish what was spoken by the actor or speaker from what was inserted by the application. The developer’s idea was to speed up the editing process, eliminate the need to reshoot, and modify any goof-ups.

Having said that, this kind of editing tool can also be hazardous as it can be used in counterfeiting the intent of politics or journalism. If bolstered with security measures, this video editing tool can go on to be a great feature.

The Latest Video Editing Techniques

AI-based video editing techniques can help create a masterpiece in just a fraction of the time, depending on certain characteristics.

Here are some innovative strategies that you can use an editor to create videos in innovative ways:

1. Use of algorithm machining

Another technology that can help in video editing is the use of pure mathematics based on schema, configured algorithms, and roadmap.

For example, algorithms can be used to build an online video editor that can reposition any video footage and select the clips that the creator wants from Camera 1 or Camera 2. The sequencing can be scheduled and mathematically positioned.

2. Digitization of audio

Music and sound recording in videos have evolved consistently to reduce the background noise and generate clear sounds with overlay comments and music in post-production.

The digitization of sound in the video editing process is instrumental, and the use of AI tools seamlessly helps enhance, purify, and eliminate sound-related issues in the video.

3. Smarter and more automated tools

In the not too distant future, smarter video editing tools will emerge that will use AI to understand and recommend video edits.

Video editing should be much easier for beginners with such tools. Additionally, experienced users can save a lot of effort by letting AI do most of the tedious work.

4. Shooting with drones

Drones help realize YouTube travelers’ vlog ideas, education, and travel videos. They are cost-effective and, at the same time, enable creators to get high-quality and fascinating footage.

Moreover, with the advent of drones, it is no longer necessary to send operators by helicopter to shoot tracking scenes.

5. Working in the cloud

Working in the cloud has eliminated several hurdles related to storage and the fear of losing out on important information.

Many video makers make and store their video files, maintaining a backup in 2-3 different places, which can get confusing and tedious. However, AI-empowered video editing helps you manipulate footage, is convenient to download and install, and can work on any system.

You don’t need a sophisticated device to install this software on your system. Working with video in the cloud allows you to instantly share your results with other participants.

As soon as you store videos on the cloud, you can simply grant access to the link to the concerned person. This feature also helps in editing footage online without facing the risk of information loss.

Overall, working in the cloud is so convenient that it’s no surprise that it’s becoming more popular.

6. 3D Printing

Graphics, effects, and animations are every video editor’s walking dream. The automation of technological advancement of video editing has also led to the popularity of 3D printing, wherein visual effects surpass the imagination of the onlooker and give the impression of reality.

By using a 3D printer to create costumes, props, and films elements, filmmakers can add a realistic touch to their footage.

Several giants in the video editing industry use this technique to add dimension to their craft. For example, you may see 3D printing being used for Iron Man’s suit, Spiderman man’s skills, Thor’s hammer, or even for Cinderella’s outfits. 

7. The future of a fully automated video editor

AI is modernizing video editing to support and assist human editors.

The technological features of such kind of video editing help enhance the user experience, cut footage according to your needs and preferences, etc.

These features and advancements are still in the initial stage, and the future cannot be predicted. But as of now, the kind of time, effort, and money these advancements have helped save are commendable.


Artificial intelligence is changing all the industries and services of the world, and video editing is no exception. It has given a massive opportunity to professionals and businesses to make the most of emerging technologies.

Some technologies have gained popularity, while others have already proven their effectiveness and are praised by filmmakers. Most innovations are only available to professionals. Even the film industry is dependent on technology when it comes to making videos.

The proliferation of this groundbreaking technology can enable even novice editors to create, edit, and post compelling video content for their target audience, as well as save time and draw the right kind of attention to their craft.



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